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Welcome to Neighbourhood Houses Victoria’s Child Care Subsidy (CCS) resource page. Here you will find the Department of Education and Training (DET) resources in one easy to navigate location for Child Care providers to understand their eligibility and application requirements to apply to become an approved CCS provider.

Firstly, please familiarise yourself with the Child Care Provider Handbook and click on the first section in the menu below - What is the new Child Care Subsidy System and why should my organisation apply for CCS?

Next, open in the menu - How do I apply to become a CCS provider?


Be prepared - wait until you have everything ready before you start submitting your application online. It is important to remember that there are only three main steps to preparing your CCS application:

  1. PRODA registrations - individual and organisation

  2. Fit and Proper Checks - persons of management and control

  3. Governance - evidence of the administration in place to manage organisation

These steps are integral for the Government to see that the organisations they are giving responsibility over to manage CCS payments for them on behalf of Australian families are financially viable, managed by fit and proper persons of management with the appropriate personnel checks and are structured with proper governance in place to take on this important responsibility. 

Once your organisation is CCS approved there are also resources to help you with the next steps and beyond. Click on - Resources for approved child care providers.


If you need advice during the application process and post approval there is lots of help available so please click on the link in the menu below - Where can I get help during and after the application process?.

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Let us know if there are any issues or ways we can improve this resource library, or if there's a particular resource you'd like to see available.

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