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FACT SHEET - Readiness Guide for New Child Care Subsidy Approved Providers

This fact sheet is a guide to what you need to do once you are notified that you have granted Child Care Subsidy (CCS) Approval so that you can submit session reports for care you provide and pass on the payments to your families.

DET website – New Child Care Package – Information resources for providers

A range of information resources, including videos, presentations and factsheets, are available to assist providers in understanding the details of the new child care package.

DET website – Frequently Asked Questions

Child Care Subsidy FAQ's.

DET website - Help using the Child Care Subsidy System

This web page provides links to CCS fact sheets and information on who to contact when you need help with issues such as software, CCS payments, information for the government, debts, Additional Child Care Subsidy (ACCS) certificates or help using the Provider Entry Point (PEP).

TASK CARD - Software and Activation Codes

This task card explains how to obtain your child care software activation code which is required to connect your child care software to the Child Care Subsidy System (CCSS).

TASK CARD - How to Submit an Application to Add a Child Care Service to a CCS Approval

This task card provides instructions on submitting an application to add a child care service to a Child Care Subsidy (CCS) Provider Approval, including tips, documentary evidence required and step by step instructions on submitting your application through the Provider Entry Point.

TASK CARD - How to Add and Remove Members and Delegate Roles within your PRODA Organisation

This task card provides instructions on how to add or remove members of the Provider Digital Access (PRODA) organisation and delegate roles to members of the PRODA organisation so that they can perform PRODA functions.

Business Support Tools

NHVic CCS Financial Calculator

See how becoming a CCS provider can financially benefit your organisation. Notes: This calculator has been produced to provide a financial guestimate, it is not intended as financial advice.​ Be sure to read the notes on worksheet 3 on this document before you edit. There is no protection on this document and any aspect can be edited. It is, however, best to just enter data by using the drop box in the blue fields on page 1, the 'User Defined' page.

DET website – Business support tools and resources for child care services

The Department of Education and Training, in consultation with a range of child care stakeholders, has compiled a suite of business support tools and resources to help child care services to review their business operations in the context of transitioning to the new child care package. These resources are a simple and practical way that services can plan, review and grow their businesses into the future.

RESOURCE – Child Care Services Business Support Resource – A guide for considering your business

This resource includes information on the new child care system, and some ideas services may want to consider, particularly in responding to the greater operational flexibility that is allowed. This document also provides case studies, frequently asked questions, and links to other relevant resources.

BUSINESS TOOL - Simple Scenario Analysis tool


BUSINESS TOOL – Detailed Scenario Analysis and Budgeting tool - for small to medium child care services

BUSINESS TOOL – Business Plan Template

BUSINESS TOOL – Risk Management Template

FACT SHEET – Fee Policies and Procedures

FACT SHEET - Fee Calculation Guide

FACT SHEET - Managing Cash Flow

FACT SHEET – Bad Debt Management and Collection

RESOURCE – Child Care Services Grant Application Support Resource - A general guide for grant applications

This resource is to provide general information to assist child care services that may be considering applying for grant funding, including useful tips on preparing a grant application.

CCS Fin Calc snip.PNG


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